Book I

from Lent 2010 by Once in a Moon



Book one of the Aeneid starts with gods bickering. Juno sends Aeolus, the god of the winds, to sink the Trojan fleet, but Neptune calms the sea before all is lost. Aeneas lands in Libya where he meets Dido, the Queen of Carthage. Venus sends Cupid to induce love in Dido so that the Trojans will be well treated. Dido begs Aeneas to tell her the story so far.

The music is from Movement 29 of Purcell's Dido and Aeneas (Come Away, Fellow Sailors) and is taken from a recording of a performance at Bury Court, Bentley.


From the fierce winds of Aeolus
Where we feared total wreckage
Neptune calmed our seas
And we landed in Carthage
The Gods Decreed
That I should be here upon bended knee
Please help us to find the city we are destined to build
And help the prophecies be fulfilled
The future is known only to the gods above
But I will tell you my tale as you gaze in my eyes as we both fall in love


from Lent 2010, track released February 25, 2010
Music written by Henry Purcell and Performed by Southbank Sinfonia. Lyrics and Vocals by Robert Wells.




Once in a Moon UK

Robert Wells is a dabbler and a potterer residing in South London. This started as a challenge to write a new song every month (hence the name). He is also an actor, artist, technician and librarian.

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