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My Slightly Grubby Heart

by Once in a Moon

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Magic Music 01:08
Don’t trust that bastard theatre He’ll take away your heart He’ll feed your childish cravings Then stop everything you start They’ll laugh and they’ll applaud Then they’ll leave and they’ll forget Don’t trust that bastard theatre Cause he’ll make you pay your debt Don’t trust that bastard theatre He’ll burn away your skin A lifetime smeared in greasepaint Hiding what’s within Tearing at your temples Nails in your palm Don’t trust that bastard theatre Or else never more be calm Don’t trust that bastard theatre He’ll take away your mind Each pinnacle's exquisite But each pit will be well mined He’ll take each thought you spare him He’ll leave nothing there but strife Don’t trust that bastard theatre Cause he’ll take away your life Don’t trust that bastard theatre He’ll take away your soul He’ll fill you full of sugar But he’ll leave an aching hole He’ll make you question everything You ever knew was true Don’t trust that bastard theatre He’ll just leave you feeling blue Don’t trust that bastard theatre He’ll take what time you’ve got Up at dawn with coffee 3am for your last shot You won’t see friends or family You’re in your bed alone Don’t trust that bastard theatre Will be carved on my tombstone
If you want to call me Robbikins Well you can call me Robbikins I'll answer to your Robbikins Just never call me Dave If you want to call me Snookums Or sweetheart or baby I'll answer to anything Just never call me Dave
You pass through the night sky without a care I careen round the carousels 'Cause we're the only couple in the funfair And we've all the rides to ourselves We will face the hall of mirrors and when we're done there I'll ring the 'Test of Strength' bell if I can We're the only couple in the funfair And one of us, I think, is your man We can huddle together and weather the storm As thunder rolls under the noise of the machinery But at fairgrounds things move to the foreground And what once was is just a dream for me I watch you on the whirling waltzer yonder As my stalled ferris wheel chair's roughly blown We're the only people in the funfair And I've never felt so alone
Faith 02:41
O nation divine O land we adore Your foliage brown and shiny Your soft pink earth is spiny And blood flows freely at your core This land is so big And we are so small But in your warmth we've flourished And by your flesh we're nourished You are the pupa of us all To that great flag we will salute Your enemies we'll flay and flog No more a nation underfoot But one nation on a dog One nation on a dog One nation on a dog
Bob Slayer 00:55
Bob Slayer, Bob Slayer, mad as a badger, always drunk Bob Slayer, Bob Slayer, sly as a fox, built like a hunk Bob Slayer, Bob Slayer, always on hand with a cheeky grin Bob Slayer, Bob Slayer, broke his neck in a wheelie bin He once rode horses up and down and sometimes round and round But then he tasted mash, the effect was quite profound Took to the road as the manager of a band of some renown Inside a double decker bus is where he can be found Bob Slayer, Bob Slayer, could have stepped straight out of Spinal Tap Bob Slayer, Bob Slayer, you can spot him by his driver's cap Bob Slayer, Bob Slayer, give him a hand and a big beer oh Bob Slayer, Bob Slayer, Bludabus Bob is my hero
In the 19th century, looking to the stars You may have seen a light shining down from Mars The aliens beamed down looked like human types Except for the elongated brains they hid beneath stovepipes They ushered in a new age of coal and iron and steam A new utopia we cried, it was not all as it seemed The rails they laid, mycelium roots Feeding on the blood and sweat of men in sturdy boots The virus of speed spread to wherever trains were found It was Brunel's big plan to take us all down The resistance hid out in the country But there was one more way to be safe from IKB...
Be Afraid 01:12
Be afraid or be a train driver Terrified or riding the footplate Why not consider a life of steam If you want to escape your certain fate Be scared or work with the machine A fradey cat or you could shovel coal It might be the only way To dig yourself out of this hole Who knows what the aliens do to those who dissent Before you have your brains eaten by some dapper gent Consider one way that you can fit in With all the brainwashed idiots who love the steam engine Be a corpse or be a train driver Turned inside out or be an engineer They could fire their death rays whenever they want But the biggest weapon they have got is fear


My submission for RPM 2017 is a series of demo recordings for the fictional band Thundersnow and the Ninjas of Awesome


released December 31, 2017

Everything: Robert Wells
Composer for The Only Couple In The Funfair and The Flea National Anthem: Martin White
Lyricist for The Only Couple In The Funfair: Stephen O'Hagan
Lyricist for The Flea National Anthem: Reggie Chamberlain-King
Lyrics and Vocals for Why is Brunel Brunel?: Riddley




Once in a Moon UK

Robert Wells is a dabbler and a potterer residing in South London. This started as a challenge to write a new song every month (hence the name). He is also an actor, artist, technician and librarian.

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