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Once in a Moon's 2009 Christmas Single. First performed at the Red Gate Gallery on December 20th 2009 at A Christmas Huzzah. Recorded in my room on a series of out of tune instruments December 25th 2009.


I've been feeling pretty blue, so much shopping left to do
With cards to write and presents still to wrap
This endless festive stress always leaves me in a
Frankly, Christmas always leaves me feeling...rubbish

I think I'll give Christmas a miss
I'll submit to my cowardice
If I lie in my bed, if I bury my head
If I tell all my friends I'm in Bali instead
I'll pretend that I'm not really here
And I won't let them interfere
Mates will appear bearing seasonal cheer
But I'm skipping Christmas this year

It's not that I'm lonely, It's not that I'm sad
It's not that the singing has driven me mad
It's not that I'm poor and it's not that I'm cheap
It's just that I'd rather still be asleep

I'm sick of enforcement of holiday fun
It just makes me want to reach for my gun
I'm sick of the sherry, I'm sick of cranberries
I'm sick of the one week that people say merry
And as for the turkey I'm sick to the teeth
Of black on the outside and raw underneath
And I simply abhor the Christmas decor
But a noise from outside made me open my door

And I could see snow falling by the streetlights
And though it looked yellow I knew it was white
And all was well and all was just right
And I heard the choir swell as they sang

Silent Night, Holy Night

And I realised that I was being an idiot. There are loads of great things about Christmas. It's the one time of the year when you get to eat as much as you like, and drink as much as you like, when you truly have nothing you're supposed to be doing except eating as much as you like, and drinking as much as you like. There's mistletoe and if I lost the mistletoe I'll miss being kissed

So I'm loving this Christmas time
I'll bring the pies and the wine
I find it quite shocking that this boy was blocking
The idea of hanging for Santa a stocking
I won't be a Grinch and I won't be a Scrooge
And the bird that I cook for my folks will be huge
So bring on the beer and the yuletide cheer
‘Cause I'm loving Christmas this year


from The Album of Christmases Past, track released December 25, 2009
Written and Performed by Robert Wells




Once in a Moon UK

Robert Wells is a dabbler and a potterer residing in South London. This started as a challenge to write a new song every month (hence the name). He is also an actor, artist, technician and librarian.

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