from Lent 2010 by Once in a Moon



In book eight of the Aeneid, the Arcadians are asked to bolster the Trojan ranks and Venus procures some fine armour for Aeneas.

The music is Movement 13 of Purcell's Dido and Aeneas (The Triumphing Dance) and is taken from a recording of a performance at Bury Court, Bentley.


Seeking out allies I found my way into Arcadia
There I addressed the noble King Evander
He could see my father's face in me and offered out his hand and all services that he could spare to set the world to rights and fight the might that was Latium

Meanwhile Venus is fretting at Vulcan
She asks for armour fit for her son
Cyclopes in Etna are put to the task

Meanwhile King Evander says take my son my Pallas and take him from a skinny waif into a warrior but first a package from that volcano Etna

With armour like this I could take on the Latins slay the Turnus creature
Armour like this with depictions of future history as a feature
Let us march, the time has come to fight and turn you boys to men


from Lent 2010, track released March 19, 2010
Music written by Henry Purcell and Performed by Southbank Sinfonia. Lyrics and Vocals by Robert Wells.




Once in a Moon UK

Robert Wells is a dabbler and a potterer residing in South London. This started as a challenge to write a new song every month (hence the name). He is also an actor, artist, technician and librarian.

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